Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes! At Iconic Ace, we take the utmost care of your financial safety. We are fully PCI compliant which means our company follows an operational standard that securely protects all customer card data. No card data is ever stored, We always recommend you ‘freeze’ your card before shipping it to us.

Yes! Your new metal card will work everywhere globally. Please note that if your current card has a contactless payment this feature will not be available on your new metal card. You will still be able to use contactless payments via your smart devices.

Yes, our cards work perfectly in ATM machines.

Not yet. The tap to pay is removed in the current designs of our cards, however, we are currently working on a contactless version of our card, But you can always use your smartphone to enable “tap and pay” (NFC) with your phone if this is something that you would like to keep.

You can use apps like Apple Pay, Google Play, Samsung Pay, etc. for this. The tap-and-pay (contactless) feature is very tricky. The premium metal we use will be blocking the frequency emitted from the chip and may not be able to register at the POS machine.

Yes, we securely transfer the data from your plastic card over to the metal card by using our state of the art machines. Your card data will never be stored on our systems.

You can be sure that we tested the magnetic strip before sending you the new metal card.

Yes, our cards are extremely durable as they are made from high-quality stainless steel.

Anything you like! You can either choose from our template designs or you can upload your very own image. Please note, you are solely responsible for the content you upload and Iconic Ace doesn't assume liability for copyright and trademark infringement.

You can choose to either have your card number on the front or the back OR you can go completely stealth and have no card number. if you would like this, please make an order note or contact us at

Our customizer allows for most customizations, however, if you wish to customize your card further please contact our team at and we will work with you to make the perfect card.

Contact your bank immediately. You must treat this the same as any credit or debit card that is owned by the card issuer.

We are located in Hollywood Florida USA

Worldwide! There are no restrictions on where we can ship however shipping times can vary depending on where you're located in relation to our manufacturing facility.

Iconic Ace is not a bank or credit card company. We do not offer credit, points, or other financial services. We only upgrade plastic credit/debit/bank cards (with magnetic strips) by lasering your unique design onto your metal of choice.

There are no applications. No annual fees. No hidden fees. No minimum purchase. No credit checks. You can get a custom luxury metal card if you have any plastic cards that you would like for us to convert into metal.

These are the comments and questions you will get while using your new card:

  • WOW! This card is heavy!
  • Such a cool card!
  • I have never seen a card like this before.
  • What do you do? 
  • Can I have your phone number? 
  • Are you rich? (Actually no one will ask you this, but they are thinking it, LOL).